Sunday, May 30, 2010

Milk House Fiber Studio

At long last, we have opened Milk House Fiber Studio at The Dahmen Artisan Barn in Uniontown, Washington. The Artisan Barn is a funky (in a good way) old beautiful barn donated for use as artist studios. You can read the whole story at
My friend, Judy Lalonde and I transformed the old milk house into a working studio. We spent over 70 hours remodeling, and with the help of other barn volunteers opened our studio in early May.
We offer locally grown fiber from our own farms. Judy's alpacas are offering up their roving, fleece and yarn in amazing natural colors, along with her fine finished knitted goods and knitting patterns by local knitters. I offer washed fleece, roving, handspun and mill spun yarns from my spinner's flock of sheep, along with Earthues Natural Dye extracts.
We are ready to receive visitors on Friday and Saturday when we are there working.


Lorena said...

I visited on Saturday, it looks beautiful

Carla said...

Beautiful, Margo! I can't wait to visit! I wish you all the best in this new endeavor.

bingata744 said...

Margo -- you do so much! This looks great. Good luck with everything -- very impressive!

Cyndi said...

This reminds me of A Show of Hands! I'm sure it smells wonderful!